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European Spaces summer meeting 2014 in Belarus

title : "Braslaw region - open spaces for young european creatives"

time: 17.July - 5. August 2014 / twenty days in Belarus

meeeting locations:

1. Minsk - 2 days at the beginning, 2 days at the end of the meeting.
Accommodation in flats of members of the hosting team /  guest  families and /or students hostel
2. KAJA Camp in Braslaw/Kolesniki in the Braslaw nature park. Look here:  meeting conditions in Braslaw - Belarus

partners and participants:    six partners from Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Belarus /
four youngsters and one teamer per partner , in total 30 persons from .  Read more:

1. Ukraine: "Dot UA" - students initiative from architecture dep. Technical University Lviv

2.  Russia: "Vinegret" - students initiative from MARHI - Moscow Architrecture Institute

3.  Lithuania: students initiative from Art A,  cademy Vilnius/Telisia

4. Poland:  EDU ( education by art ) Org. Suprasl/Bialystok - students architecture dep. Politecnicum Bialystok

5.  Germany: KAJA West e.V.  Rheine - students from school of architecture / University of Apllied sciences Münster

6.  Belarus: INO KAJA, Minsk - architecture studens Politecnical University Minsk

program: creative workshops, educational evenings, intercultural events, excursions, national presentations and - evening
click here for detailed infos  

preparation: 1. advance planning visit of the six teamers in Braslaw and Minsk - two days  Sunday, 22. - Monday, 23.June  2014 /
here the agenda - PDF : ADVANCE PLANNING VISIT

evaluation: project posters for exhibitions and text evaluations
catering: self-supply by international camp - kitchen teams
excursion: Minsk, sightseeing tour / "Chatyn", memorial of the 2nd World War / Braslaw. National   Park / ecological village for Tschernobyl resettlers in  Lepel
protection and safety: each pers. is resonsible for own insurence (health , accident, personal reliability).  Also check websites of national embassies in Belarus.
support: European Commission, "Youth in action" -program, district Braslaw region
participants contribution: 30 % of travel costs / insurence / gifts for guest organisation /- families and "luxury goods" +spices for national evenings , about 100 €  p.p. West  / 50 € p.p. East